You know I have been thinking about how much my day job interfears with my quilting.. It does help pay for supplies I guess. Today as soon as I got home i went to my studio and carried my portable sewing machine into my house. I am thinking I might get some piecing done that way. I hate to turn the air on in the studio for just a hour or so to piece. I turn the air on for machine quilting but just to piece for a hour....

I pined in a lady's quilt yesterday. It is a simple four patch set on point with a muslin block between well pieced. This lady is 80 something and her mother pieced the four patches.. She washes and presses everything even the back and puts a pin in the top of both the backing and the top... I even found two fabric softener sheets folded ( and pressed ) in with the muslin backing. I should be excited to quilt this quilt but she has gone through three machine quilters according to I am a little nervous. She has seen my work and said that she liked it. I am still a little nervous.. LOL Oh well I hope I can make her happy.

Till next time.

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