Wonky blocks

This is a hand full of blocks I put on the desgine wall for fun. I have about 50 blocks left to piece, I guess I am about half way. This is my really really ugly fabric One Block Wonder did not follow directions quilt... To long for a name..LOL I signed up for this class a while back. Bought this really ugly fabric.. I had to buy it no one else would take it home. A book and directions were included when I signed up for this but I did not read any of it. The ugly fabric sat about for a week or to till I decided to wash up some fabric. I washed and dried all 6 or 7 yards ( I only needed 4 yards but it was so ugly I bought it all ) OK I went to class with my ugly fabric. The instructor was wandering around before class started she stopped to admire my fabric. Then she said You have washed this.. Did you read the directions? Well no I had not but I did have them so I pulled them out and at the top of the page it read in bold print DO NOT WASH FABRIC pattern not recommended for stripes or straight lines. She explained that I might want to re think using this fabric. I smiled and said I don't follow directions well and it will be fine..I just want to learn the technique any way really it will be fine. I got some really wonky blocks but I like them..so did the instructor. LOL . I will have to post a photo of the fabric before I cut it.. I think it will look like a kaleidoscope when finished.

Well daughter e-mailed me over 20 photos of wedding dresses that she likes LOL I could not go with her to these two shops. We still have two more later this month..I will attend both.
I wonder...did that movie 27 Dresses have a happy ending? She does look beautiful in the photos she sent. She said that she has sort of narrowed it down to 10 dresses so far...OH MY. I hate shopping but I am going to enjoy this she is having so much fun. LOL She has also bought 10 yards of fabric for me to quilt out and make into table runners for the reception. LOL

Till next time.

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