Linda Taylor Class

I just returned home from West Plains last evening. I took a class from Linda Taylor...AWESOME....... it was on Artistic Freeform.. Did I say Awesome?? I came away with so many ideas. It rained the entire trip. West Plains is a nice area, I like it there. We were having breakfast in a small dinner there and some one said Look at the little black bear over there. There was some bulldozer kind of hills across the road..they looked like they had been there some time. Any way there was in the distance something that looked like a bear. Husband always keeps binoculars in the truck sooo we checked it out with them as we left. The bear really was a BIG dog. LOL I did not go back into the dinner and say anything.. I thought it was mostly local people there and they wanted it to be a small black bear. I did not want to ruin their fun.

I have lots of quilting to do. I need more hours in the day.

Till next time.


Jean said...

Sounds like fun. I wish I had more time to devote to getting better at machine quilting....there just isn't time to do everything I want to. If only I could quit working.....

Char said...

I need to get my quilt to you for the charity fundraiser. If I can get it there within a week or two can you do it by November 1st. It is a twin more or less.