Well It was a busy week end. I worked all week end at my job. The kids came down for a visit, I always enjoy a visit with the kids. The boys went fishing. We had the grandparents over for dinner. Just a simple family week end. We did get to visit with some out of town friends which is always nice. They were staying at Eagle Ranch and we met them there. Everything was great except that I did not get enough sleep and just got to tired to move. The boys moved the old fridge, cook stove, and counter out of my studio. I am very happy about that. I still need two sheets of flooring to finish out the floor, but I don't care I like it. I have added a small fridge and some shelves. I only need something to keep my drinks cool I think I will use the shelves for customer quilts I think. They are a little narrow but I did not want to attach anything to the wall until I decided just how I would use them. My studio is in a old trailer house. I took the kitchen livening room area for my Gammill and the bedroom has a pressing table design walls and some fabric storage. I have running water and a bathroom . It is not fancy but I like it and it is only about 30 feet from my house. Not a bad commute.
Some how I managed to get my before and after photos switched.. I cant seem to get the photos where I want them in the post.. Oh well I will get it eventually.
Till next time.

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Jean said...

I love your studio, what a great idea using a mobile home! It takes a long area for the machine and nice to have a place for all the stuff too.