Well I cant get these dang photos where I want them . LOL I give up. The top center photo is of my newly re planted flower bed...as I come down my drive. the other one is from my deck. Which is still not finished. The chairs are there to keep all the dogs from digging up my stuff. I guess dogs love freshly dug up dirt.
This photo is of a panel I bought from Wall -Mart my Mother loved it and I thought I might quilt it up for her. The photo below is of the yard sale fabric. It is hard to see but there is three fabrics. On top is a blue, the floral fabric is more or less the same print with the colors reversed. I have no idea what I will do with this but I had to have it. I thought at first I might do a one block wonder with it putting the two fabrics together. now I don't know.

I have been hoping to get some photos of the fall trees but I just have not had time. I tried last week but it was to early. Things are just starting to turn colors now. I really enjoy fall, just not enough time to do everything i want to get done.
Till next time.

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Jean said...

Those fabrics are gorgeous! What a find!
Your flowers are pretty. Are they mums? My mom and dad had a collie, who loved to nap in the flower bed, so mom cut up small branches and planted them in with the flowers so they stuck up about 3-4 inches above the ground. Then when the dog tried to lay down, the sticks poked her and she couldn't get comfortable.... so she moved. It seemed to work for them anyway.