The weather has been so odd lately. Today we had a thunder storm with a sleet or hail shower. Odd time of year for that. Today I went out and bought some garden mums.. I really love the color and the lady said that they would come up again next year. I guess we will see.
We are re doing the deck and flower garden. I use that term lightly because I have been mowing the flower spot all summer. I decided that a small fall flower garden would be nice. I have just about finished cleaning out all the old plants I don't want any more, And I cut all the old peonies out of the peony bed so that is ready to be carried off.

The other day I went to a yard sale.. I have not been to a yard sale in.....Well I don't remember when but I knew there was some fabric so I went. I really don't need any fabric or need any fabric scraps from some one else's un wanted stash. I went late so by the time I got there most of the fabric was already gone, but I did buy some really big floral fabric. It might have been used for lawn furniture but I might use it for a wonky wall hanging. I really must finish my first one first but you never know this might just look great. Like I need another project.

Today I cooked a big pot of ham and Lima beans..cornbread..Yum !! I guess I felt like fall. Fall flowers..Fall food.

Till next time.

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Jean said...

Are you going to post a picture of your fabric? I love garage sales, but haven't been to many this year. I did go to the one awhile back where I got the partially finished Double Wedding Ring. It was hard to resist.
Sounds like the fall weather has you fluttering around like the leaves!