A DAY IN THE LIFE OF..........................

Kind of like AS THE WORLD TURNS... Any way I had good intention's today of getting so much done. I got up at 6am had my coffee..because I cant do anything with out my coffee. I carried out the trash. I had a lot of trash from cleaning out son's old closet, I found a lot of junk but mostly I found empty boxes. I do not know why empty boxes were there but they are gone now after three trips to the outside can.

I headed to the studio to crank up the heat and back to the house to do a little cleaning and have some breakfast while the heat kicked in. Well I should have just given up then and there. What is it about the word cleaning that makes the day go off in the wrong direction?? Well my vacuum died, but not before a terrible racket fallowed by a foul smelling smoke came from the thing. I thought OK so I cant vacuum no big deal I can get the vacuum from the studio and use it later.

Then I remembered I had not picked up yesterdays mail, so I decided to take a short walk and get it. While on that little trip I noticed that there was no smoke rolling out of the chimney at mom and dad's so I had to check on them. They are fine. Some time later I finely made it back into the studio. Well if I am going to take that vacuum from the studio then I have to vacuum the studio first...Which meant I had to tidy up...Sigh !! At least the studio is cleaner I guess. Now I can load this quilt and get quilting..

OK I had about half a roll of batting hanging from the ceiling. When I went to un roll it to cut of what I needed...The whole thing un rolled..well almost the whole thing. I am short and remember it is hanging from the ceiling.....Well I am thinking that this is not such a good idea as I am fighting my way from under a ton of batting. Oh My !!!!
I got a stool to stand on and rolled the batting back onto the tube as best I could..I still can not keep it from un rolling so I take it down. I finely manage to get my batting cut... I baste it to the backing and lay the top over to baste it together. I HAVE CUT IT TO SMALL!!!!!!

I rip it apart and start again. OH MY !!! LOL LOL I did get the batting cut and the quilt ready to start quilting... I decided to stop for lunch and I am not sure if I should take a nap or quilt. LOL I think I can do both..

Till next time.

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Jean said...

Sounds like one of my days....I wouldn't care too much about the cleaning...but the quilting, that is another story. After you break, did you end up back out there quilting? Post a pic!