Wow where has the time gone? What have I been doing for the last two weeks. I have cleaned out every closet and cabinet in the house and studio. Well almost every closet, I have one left to do. I am getting rid of unused and unwanted stuff. I am donating, reusing and tossing.

My washer quit..but hey it was 15 years old. So we bought a new washer and dryer. We got a front loader set. Got a great deal getting the set for $600.00 plus we get a $100.00 rebate from our electric company. I guess shopping on black Friday is not so bad, besides husband did the shopping even if all he shopped was Sears appliances. So far I love it.

I have been washing fabric by the yards, getting ready to start cutting out daughters DWR. I only have two small quilts to quilt before Christmas. I tried not to schedule to much this year. I wanted some time for me. Family Time. Tomorrow I do my Christmas shopping. I am going to quilt those last two quilts then get the DWR cut out and start stitching. That should finish this year off.

My computer crashed and I lost everything. I have not taken the time to install every thing again so I can't post photos yet. Of course I lost everything not on disk. Oh well. I would say that from now on I will put everything on disk...but I know I won't.

Till next time.


Jean said...

Glad you are not working so much and doing what you want. I am ready for a break also! I was having computer problems, and your post reminds me that I need to save my stuff also. Did you end up getting a new computer too?

Brenda said...

Thanks for putting me on your blog roll!

Also, I can highly recommend purchasing an ancillary back up drive. They are relatively cheap these days and perform a back up every 24 hours which removes that little stress.