My MIL gave me this quilt. Her Mother pieced the four patch blocks, MIL set them together and I quilted this one for her. She told me that she wanted something different from a allover but something simple...nothing fancy. I thought she was giving the quilt to one of her daughters so I was surprised to receive it. Mil is 80 something... I have no idea how old the four patches are but they have been around awhile and well cared for. This photo is a little out of focus and does not do the quilt justice . My dad made the quilt rack but you can't see it for the quilt. LOL I need to take a photo of it without the quilt.

I should clean up the guest room and put it on that bed for a while.. I am off to my studio No cleaning today.

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Jean said...

What a great gift!!! and 3 generations worked on it. You did a great job quilting it. I am so glad you ended up with it.