New Year

Here it is the last day of 2008 and I have not made any resolutions for 2009. I think I will just skip the resolutions this time. I have things that I want to do. Things I need to do. Yes I will do some planning, some things have to have a plan. Each year we make resolutions and quickly forget them. Then at the end of the year we realise what we have NOT done again !!! So this year I will just follow my heart and see what happens. Yes I know I will still need a plan I wont go all willy nilly. I will let my heart lead me in my plans ! My plan will develop as the year develops. No I am not leaving every thing to chance. I just know that I should loose weight but I probably wont...I need to exercise but I probably wont. Well you get the idea..

I am looking forward to the new year. A new year brings new hope, new joy, and the excitement of what is yet to be.

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Jean said...

I don't worry about resolutions either, but I like your idea of planning.