Just checking in

It has been a slow week but I wanted to up date any way.
I got all the footballs made. I had to rip out several that did not match up like I wanted, but I have them all finished. I have started making rows. This is such a start and stop kind of quilt. Kind of like those dot to dot games that made some picture if you followed the numbered dots in the correct order. I will admit that I really like chain piecing.

It has been a strange week and I did not have a lot of time for sewing. This next week I want to see how many rows I can get stitched. It looks like I will have two whole days to stitch. I hope with out many interruptions.

I wish every one nice quilty week.

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Jean said...

oooh, you are getting a lot done on that quilt. No pictures to prove it???? lol