This is the pile of pieces I have to put together. Tomorrow I will have rows to show. I did piece one row but I set up half the quilt ready to stitch.

Today I watched the inauguration. At least a large part of it any way. I am baking a chicken for dinner and I made bread. Well OK it is still raising and I hope it raises and I bake bread. I have not used this recipe in years and I used mostly a white whole wheat flower sooo It may not turn out well. I also repaired a purse that I made last January but got the closer in the wrong spot..I have only carried it once or twice. Maybe now that it will close I will carry it more. Either way it is fixed. I still have a few things I want to finish tidying up before husband gets home from work.

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Jean said...

ooh that is going to look so pretty. Can't wait til tomorrow to see it.