Time flies, it has been a few days between posts. Last Saturday I had a SWMLA meeting in Springfield at Merrily We Quilt Along Such fun ! I always enjoy these meetings. Of course I had to do some shopping. I made a stop at Sam's Club for some house hold supplies, I like to buy what I can in bulk which means fewer trips for me.

I did buy a new printer, I did not want to but husband talked me into it. I hate learning to use new things but, my old scanner is so old that it only works with Windows 98. I did not like the new printer at first but I played with it some more this morning and it prints photos so nicely. I just wish I could get It to enlarge and print patterns the way I want. Humm. I guess I will have to learn to do that differently. Yuck. I do not want to learn that I just want to quilt.

We also had dinner with friends. Springfield is about half way for both of us so It works out well for us meeting for dinner. A good meal with friends, and a day with quilting friends, chatting, learning, lunching at the Fat Quarter Tea Room. What more can I ask for? Husband gave up a fishing trip to do this with me. Now that is something.

I caught some sort of a bug... Not fun. I started feeling kind of off late Friday, by 11 pm Saturday I was not feeling good at all. I thought I was just tired but Nope, I caught a bug. I am feeling better now mostly just a cough now. Glad I have that out of the way no more sickness for me.

I finished a client quilt today and will call her this evening to let her know. I hope she will be happy. There is always that one tiny moment that you go I hope they like it.

I printed off some wedding photos this morning, that will surprise husband. Just waiting for him to get home from work, dinner is waiting and I am hungry. I skipped lunch today.

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