Still trying to decide what I want to do with this one? I removed the small border and I think I will replace it with the larger border of the same fabric. I am thinking I might want to do a scalped outer border, not sure yet. LOL Might do some trapunto, to early to say for sure. LOL I am stuck trying to decide between two border patterns both would be nice. Sigh ! I guess I will have to pick one for this and use the other one on something else. Yep that is what I will do.
This one is still on my wall and UN-pieced but, I do think I will piece it as it is.

Yesterday it started storming, so I had to turn off my machine. Didn't want to take a chance with lighting you know. I began cleaning, well moving things, organising, put some books on shelves for better access. Dug about looking for a wall hanging that I needed. I found it but not in my studio :) Got tired of that and it was still raining so I did some piecing, the rows are not all set together but I think I like this. Just a simple lap quilt.

I also loaded this on my machine between storms. It is a community quilt for a guild I belong to in Stockton. These quilts are given to family's in need, fire, tornado victims, whatever the need may be. Sometimes I use these community project quilts to try out new ideas or patterns.

This one is getting a panto on it. I want to try this panto out and someone thought that this quilt looked Christmasy ( I decided that yes that is a real word ). I don't see it myself but hey I see everything. I bought this panto and have not tried it out yet and it kind of reminds me of something I might use on a Christmas quilt. The photo is not great but you can kind of see the pattern. I managed to quilt a row or two this afternoon.
This morning I got a hair cut and some grocery shopping. I asked my Mom to go with me.. LOL I missed several items on my list. Mom and I shop very differently. I go down almost every isle, checking my list. Mom has a list and starts at the top jumping about the store where ever her list takes her. Kind of fun really, I got to watching her and forgot to check my list. LOL I guess it does not take much to entertain me.

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Jean said...

The panto looks will have to show a pic after it is finished so I can see the pattern better.