Well husband went back to the doctor today.....Things are much better. SIGH !! The diet is not going to be to bad at all, he still has to loose weight but then that was no surprise. I had my hair cut and took myself out to lunch. That took up most of my day, well I did get in almost three hours of quilting. I fixed a nice dinner of beer can chicken lettuce salad and cottage cheese.

Son is here helping husband do something to the boat. I never know what they do when they do boat stuff. Which is OK because I bet they don't know what I do when I quilt ;)

I am tired today, off to bed for me.

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Jean said...

Yea, and you were nice enough to NOT say "and I don't really care!" lol good they have their hobbies too. Glad he is doing better to. How do you make beer can chicken?