I thought I would share some of the pantos I have been quilting. This photo is not great but I like this pattern.
This is the back view of a quilt I quilted using a panto, this one is fun to do and I like the look.

This one..not so much fun to quilt. I really like the texture it gives but, the rows began and ended odd for me. Well the first row and the last row any way. I needed to fill in places where there was no quilting, because of the design.

As you can see I could not see my stitching from the front, the border fabric was to busy. I had to try any way, so I will be ripping that out and re loading the quilt with the back up so that I can see the stitching and fill in as needed to finish the quilting.

Just a closer photo but you can kind of see a little of what needs filled in. I like to use a charity quilt to test out new patterns on. That way I can tell how well everything looks and if I like to use this pattern or not. I make notes on the pattern of any thing I would do different or problem areas. Like where I need to fill in on this one. Next time I use this pattern I will remember and not use it where there is a busy outer border and I cant see to fill in. Still a nice charity quilt and I am not holding up a client quilt while I play with It to work out the bugs, so to speak.

This is a better photo of the second quilt in this post. I am not sure how I got both posted but not together but, I did.


Jean said...

I like all of these pantos...#1 is fun and looks more breezy, I like all the loops and petally (is that a word?) things on #2, & #3 just looks a bit much for me, but you did a nice job. I have trouble filling in those end spots sometimes too, though haven't done a pattern that turns out like that. Looks hard to fix.

Judy Laquidara said...

Quilting looks great! I haven't been to Merrily's since the tea room opened. They were almost ready to open it when I was there last.