We went to the lake for the day. Just some of the things I found interesting.
This tree must have been massive, the hole is large enough that a 8 or 9 year old kid could have fit inside.

I like the way nature adapts and survives...those holes are large enough for animals to live in.

I think this is a osprey, not sure tho.

Now this little creature to the right was my buddy for the day. There is a tiny ledge on the console of the boat, he would get on that ledge fold up his wings and rest in the shade of that tiny ledge.

These guys looked like they were chatting...much like we do when we pass some one we know on the street.

This guy was waiting for lunch....he caught a fish and took off with it just after I snapped the shot.

We also saw a Eagle, and a family of otters playing but both were camera shy...The otters are so cute.
A nice peaceful, restful day.

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