well I managed so far to cross off all but two items from my to do list. Not bad. I took some photos of some blocks I pieced but my studio is to dark to get a good photo I guess. I have everything ready for my next guild meeting next week, It is my turn to do the community block. I had to find the simplest block I could think of ( all skill levels ) Edit or wright the directions on half a page including illustrations. Piece the sample for show. It is also my turn to have a wall hanging displayed at the old folks home :) I know that sounds odd but the old folks and their visitors so enjoy the wall hangings on display. All my stuff for guild is done, packed and waiting. Just about the only thing that can go wrong now is if I forget and leave it all at home when it is time to leave. Could happen.

I have my version of lemon chicken in the oven for dinner, I have no idea what else we will have probably lettuce salad. I have binding ready to stitch down by hand.

I think I have the pattern ready for the next client quilt but, I need to try it out first on muslin. I would not want a mishap with a client quilt. I am going to make sure my idea works first.