I am staying busy. Doctors app. and insurance stuff , My husband has had to find a new doctor and the process has not been easy, But then life is like that sometimes. This morning I had to have a tooth extracted....Yeah, a nice word for pulling or yanking the tooth out of your head. OK so I am scared nearly to death of the dentist thing. And a new to me dentist. Not a pleasant morning. I have to say though that I did not feel a thing....not even the shot to numb things. Not a pinch, a sting, nothing. Now that the numbing is wearing off I am still OK just a little throbbing but after all I did have a tooth pulled. I have also been playing with some fabric. I have two design walls. This is on one of them. OK it started out like this. I will probably play with this on my wall for a long time. Just to much fun to play with. I plan on cutting some black pieces and some of these will kind of float around in the black.
This Is where I left it at for now. I have to cut those black pieces to go on with this. This could take a while.

This was on my second wall. This is a block of the month, I have four more blocks to make but I could start setting it together any time. Yes I am two blocks behind LOL I will catch up I promise. I am working, machine quilting for myself and others...
Just taking life one piece at a time.

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Jean said...

Looks interesting and fun to do....I love kaleidoscope blocks.