Fall is here. What have I been doing?? Well nothing exciting. Getting things ready for winter as best I can. Only doing small bits of piecing and quilting. Entered some quilts in a couple of tiny local shows. I took home a second place peoples choice, a client quilt I quilted took best of show peoples choice. Which amazed me.... I did not think it was to be interred into any shows, but it was and people here just loved it. Which was nice. Working on a few baby things, doing a little shopping. I found and visited a couple of quilt shops not far from where husbands new doctor's office in Joplin. Son has finely been realised to go back to work after his accident. Things are starting to go back to normal...whatever normal may be. LOL

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Jean said...

Glad things are going ok for you...sorry to hear about the tooth, but you lived to tell the tale!