We have a white Christmas, about 1 1/2 inches of sleet covered with about 3 inches of snow. AND it is COLD. LOL our kids decided not to get out in the cold, but we will see them in a day or so. They sent us some photos of Camden...I am pleased that they decided not to take him out in this weather...I miss them but it is good to know they have some common sense . Daughter and her husband also decided not to drive into this weather. They only got a skiff of snow where they live but would have been driving right into the storm last night. We talked on the phone several times today and we will be together soon. We had dinner at my parents my sis and her family made it in today, the cousins made it in as well. Had a nice visit.

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Jean said...

Glad your Christmas was good, sorry you didn't see your kids, but glad you will see them soon.