Good Morning

I do not have photos to share but I did do just a little last week. I have started setting my block of the month together. I will get photos I promise. I am using a kaleidoscope setting and I think it will have almost as much piecing as the blocks did. It is all cut out and just a few blocks stitched.

We are expecting more snow this week. I don't need more snow or ice or anything else to slow me down! I parked my car in a bad place for getting out. I knew better but I did it any way....I am a slow learner I guess. Now my car is setting on a solid sheet of ice...I will not be getting up the hill in the car for some time Sigh.!!! We can only get it to move about two feet in either direction. Husband has Dr visits and we have lots going on....I have to have the car out before his surgery. I really do not think I can get him in the 4 wheel drive truck to take him home after surgery and I do not think they will keep him until spring. HUMMM !!!! It will all work out some how. Right now we are thinking he will have two surgery's six weeks apart. Not sure just yet.

I Have spent some time just staring at that grandson of ours....They sure change things don't they?

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Lori in South Dakota said...

good lucky, hug the husband all you can, he loves it! And Camdem--of course we all love to snuggle and hug a baby! Best of luck--we are careful out from under those huge snow banks!