Well it is December first. Time flies for sure.
I finely got around to loading photos to my computer. Not much to show but, Here it is any way. As you can see the kids have been here...Levi brought them. He was more interested in napping than having his photo taken.

And a few photos of this quilt. I would have never put these fabrics or colors together in one quilt. But my Mom did and I like it. I really like it and it was fun to quilt up for her.
I wonder if she has the binding finished yet? Probably not. What is the hurry.

We had a nice Thanksgiving and are planning a quite rest of the year.
This morning my phone rang at 4:30 AM I just knew it was son calling to tell us that the baby is on his way....But NO it was work wanting me to come in today. Sigh. That really was disappointing.

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