This is what was on my design wall last post. The quick pieced charity quilt for my guild. I finished the piecing today so it goes into the pile for quilting.
When I had it all laid out on the wall...I thought ..That looks odd. I know it is just a simple block but something looked odd. I stared at it for some time before I realised that these blocks below are not the same. They have two different prints in each block and the blocks above have one print fabric in each block. Each has a very different look and looked odd when put together, or at least I thought so. I think I will stitch up three more odd blocks and finish a lap or baby quilt with it. The charity quilts will have to wait for a while to be finished, I have other things that must be done first.
I quilted up a top today but, the battery's in my camera died so no more photos today.
Times are changing. I had a hair cut today, a hair cut and shampoo is $14.95 and a shampoo, cut, and style ( blow dry in my case ) is $17.95. Three dollars for you hair to be dried. I just did not want to go out side in the cold air with wet hair. I don't remember having that charge the last time I had my hair cut? I go there because I like the girls that work there and because I do not have to make a appointment, I can just walk in and usually get right in and right out. Once in a while there is a short wait but never long. I have tried other places but, end up back there because I like the girls and the convenience. I probably pay more for the convenience of not needing to make a appointment but, three dollars to have your hair dried kind of made me feel like I was being nickle and dimed. Something I will be thinking about.
When you have a customer service based business. Do you want them to feel like they are being nickled to death? I don't think so.

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Lori said...

Thats sound like my hairdresser company too. They push all the products at you and than want to charge for blow drying. When my girl asked to blow dry and than told me it is extra, I said to bad, there goes you tip towards it. I spend
$20 including tip, funny my hair is dried at no cost. lol That $5 tip out weighs the dryer cost.