Accountability Challenge
Bari Is hosting the accountability challenge, Check it out. This week I did manage to piece the setting blocks together and put the on the design wall to see how it will look. I like it if I do say so myself. LOL Today I plan on stitching all these blocks together. I would like to get the three borders added as well but I doubt that will happen today. With husband home and bored...He has a room ( more like a large closet ) off my studio that he has fishing stuff in and because he is doing so well he is going to go play with his stuff while I stitch today. Not sure how much stitching I will get done. LOL My studio is only about 150 feet or so from our house but the deck has 6 steps and I will walk with husband ...just in case, he is not great with steps yet.

We had a follow up visit yesterday. They said he is doing great..removed the staples and said he could return to work part time. Husband mostly has a desk job so basically he can go do paper work around his physical therapy. His work has given him a car to drive because he can not get into his truck yet and a parking place right by his door. I think they miss him. LOL

So this month I wanted to finish piecing the 2009 BOM. I may make it...I am almost there.

I have a charity quilt ready to load on the big machine. I found some fabric I am just sick of looking at for the back. It is not the perfect back but it will do. Sometimes I will buy a entire bolt of fabric to use as backs but, I always end up with odd sized pieces...big pieces but odd sized So I pieced some together for this back. I will photograph the quilt later. I have had this thing hanging about for months. I would like to get it quilted by February 10TH I think.

I hope every one has a productive week, or at least does something fun.


Anonymous said...

I like the setting sashing on this quilt - awesome! It really gives it a classy secondary design! Can't wait to see the borders....

Glad your hubby is doing so well! Isn't it wonderful to have a work situation where they are supportive and helpful. Nice to hear of one in today's work climate!

Hope you get a lot done!


Shelly said...

The quilt on your wall is very wonderful. That setting made those blocks just shine!

Jean said...

Love that setting...would like to try it sometime.Were those blocks difficult to make?

Blogger said...

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