Accountability challenge
This is the little quilt I had been working on. I added the binding using the longarm. I like a really narrow binding, and have mixed results with this. I think that more practice will be in order for applying bindings using the longarm. It turned out OK .

wouldn't you know it...after 15 years to finish. It is to small for the table. Well it barely fits. I don't care LOL It is still a finish.

My little bag of goodies...Well I have six finished and nineteen left to go. That does not sound like a lot... I am just doing the button hole stitch around the little motifs. This is my to go project so progress will hopefully be slow. LOL meaning not lots of waiting room time. LOL
I think I am going to take husband for a tiny ride....he is getting cabin fever. Then to the studio to stitch on the 2009 B O M My goal for the next week is to get those setting blocks stitched together.


Anonymous said...

That is beautiful Julianne! Looks great on the table at an angle like that - very artistic and doesn't look too small.

Glad hubby is doing well enough to have cabin fever and want to get out!

Take care!


Alycia said...

Looks great! Did you save time putting the binding on by the longarm?

Jean said...

I love this little quilt, it is gorgeous. I agree with crossroads, leave it on at an angle, looks great. I have put bindings on using my home sewing machine many times. Don't think I could do it with my midarm. What was your process?

In catching up on blog reading I see that you have been a busy girl. Can't wait to see more of the UFO, I assume it is applique kitties?

日月神教-向左使 said...