Accountability Report I did not really post goals for the week but, this is what I did.
4 blocks added to the old UFO...16 to go.
Pieced the 2 blocks for 2010 BOM... I like these.

I pieced these 4 blocks. There were supposed to be 5 blocks. But.. either I mis cut or the fabric was short either way one block bit the dust. These were kits picked up at a shop hop last May. Five shops....five make a wall hanging. I could just use some black and white fabrics to make that 5th block with but....I am not sure I want to. I don't care for the block on the top right. The center block is really beige. I am thinking that maybe I will just make a runner from them. Maybe ?

I also quilted this twin size charity quilt.


Anonymous said...

You actually got quite a bit done! Your old UFO is coming along nicely...a little at a time will get it done!

I like your BOM blocks also - very pretty. Not sure about the five/four blocks either. Hard to tell about the colors on the computer. I have a set of three shop-hop blocks here at home I need to get done, but I figure they won't play that well together either! Hard to get motivated when that happens.

So glad you and hubby had a wonderful anniversary...and 30 years to boot! CONGRATULATIONS!

Take care,

Jean said...

I like your blocks, you are getting a lot done. Why don't you like the hunter's star block? I think it looks great.