I forgot to post my goals for the next week...again. LOL so here goes.

I am keeping it simple... I have one main goal..Get my time organised. I have some things coming up in the next few months and I need to make sure I am prepared for each one. I do not want to be running about like a crazy person last minuet.

I start with a date book and a list of dates. I get it all down. Then from that I can see what is due first. I make a list of what is needed from me for this event or whatever. I work from that list..week by week.

I have some practice drawing to do and I will keep working on that old UFO..slowly.

OK so I am off got to get those dates down for the next few months. I have to get my thoughts organised.

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Anonymous said...

I try to do this, then forget to look at my list!

Don't forget the longarm challenge quilt.....I wish it were still hunting season and I would have the Hunter bring your fabric up for you....you could have met him at McDonald's or something crazy like that....LOL

Take care!