A trip down memory lane.

I want to add a bit of background first... I did not know my grandparents. So as a young child we adopted a older couple..They became the grandparents that we did not have in our life.
Gran and Pop. Both have passed on now but will always hold a very special place in our hearts. They were just a wonderful couple that invited us into their lives and loved us. They had so little in material things yet they gave of them selves so freely. I doubt that they ever really knew how much they gave to us....The kind of things that can't easily be put into words ..the kind of unconditional love that is so important.

Gran made quilts. Not award winning show quilts...she made cuddly quilts.

A few years ago Gran passes away...her daughters gave my Mom a lot if not all of her quilting stuff. None of them had taken up quilting. Ok so a few weeks ago my Mother sent a box of things to my house by way of the boys...The box got set in the spare room and I kind of forgot about it.

This morning I was looking for something... I noticed the box and realised what it was...Mom had sent me a box of things from Gran's stuff. This is a little of what I found in the box.

I thought others might enjoy looking at some of the covers..
They are just wonderful? I will treasure them always.

Gran would be so pleased with the quilting world today and I know she would be pleased that I have continued to quilt in my adult life. She would love the things I have chosen to do with my quilting and my life.
Now that I have totaly derailed my day with finding this box of love.. I am off to see what else the day holds for me.


Jean said...

How wonderful...maybe you can make something from one of the books. Did she teach you to quilt?

Anonymous said...

That is so wonderful, Julianne! Isn't it amazing the influence that folks like that can have on our lives? What an incredible memory and treasure!