Accountability Report

I have been able to cross three things off my list.

1. The red bird panel...completed last week.
2. the Noah arc quilt.
3. The John Deer panel.
4. I also pieced my 2010 BOM blocks.

These still need binding finished but I was not counting binding.

These are my BOM blocks. The carpenter wheel has over 70 pieces if I counted correctly. Took forever ( almost ) to piece, but it looks good. The photo is bad but I think all my points are showing.. and it is the correct size. The wagon wheel on the left was easy. You pieced the wheel and used fusible interfacing to stitch around turn right side out and press it to the background. The hardest part is keeping the white fusible from showing on the edges. I still need to stitch the edges. I will probably do that by hand.

The John Deer panel....I love the back. I like to keep something like this around. You never know when myself or one of the kids will need a baby gift last minute. I love those phone calls...Mom do you have a baby quilt? I have a shower tomorrow.

This is the back of the Noah quilt....I posted backwards.

A couple of photos of the top. I think that Camden will like this one. Sorry about the bad photos, I was in such a hurry.

My goals for next week.. Well I found that I needed to move my list around a little. I had some deadlines incorrect. OK so for next week I have no time for quilty things I can post about. :(
I might find some time to stitch a block or two on the OLD UFO. Maybe ! So I guess that is my goal for the week.
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Alycia said...

I love the Noah and John Deere quilts! Good for you for getting things crossed off you list - but the 70 points - that is overachieving!!

Anonymous said...

I love those panel quilts! and the quilting is really cool!

Holy batman, I thought my 56 pieces was a lot! 70! and it came out the right size! You are my new hero, Julianne!

Sorry you won't have time for any quilty things this week....some weeks are definitely like that!

Take care!