Hey !!!!! We are home, We got home late last night. Husband had his surgery and is doing great.

This was my view the last few days. My husband was usually in the bed but he does not really want his photo on the blog...So I waited until he was out walking with Physical therapy.

I had a window with a view..Some view. LOL The roof of some other part of the hospital. LOL
Every one there made our stay as pleasant as possible. Soon our lives will be back to normal....Whatever that is. LOL

This is what happened today...Now I ask...
DOES THIS LOOK LIKE SPRING??? I think NOT !!!! We have about 4 inches of snow by noon and still snowing. It was almost 60 degrees yesterday.
Happy Quilting Day...... I hope every one is doing something fun. Myself . I am resting a bit today. I might do a little hand work later but I might just take a nap instead.

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Jean said...

Our weather was like that the last few days too. Crazy!