Well I decided to quilt this table runner.

No I did not spend the entire day quilting it. LOL I also sorted some patterns, Looking for inspiration for up coming projects in April. I think I have quilters block or something. The ideas are not jumping out at me right now. HUMM !!!! Spring fever maybe? Sigh..It was certainly not a nice spring day today despite my determination for it to be so. Any way this table runner was on my to do list so I did it. There crossed off the list. I have left it on the machine because...Well the outer edges of my orange peel looks unfinished.. I may want to change that or I may not. LOL I wanted a small space left un quilted around the edges. So I don't know, I may leave it? I loaded probably 3 yards of backing because I have more blocks to play with, just because. LOL I will just keep rolling and playing until I decide to stop or I until it is time to do something else. LOL

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Jean said...

I think it looks wonderful, not sure how it could be better!