Well I have so little to report.. LOL My husband went back to work today half days...YEAAAA!!!! He still has seven weeks of PT but life can kind of start to become normal. Whatever that is. LOL I have a ton of stuff to do and I was off from the day job yesterday. So I thought great I can get something done...Wrong. LOL Husband goes...but I go back to work tomorrow and this is our last day together for a while...I thought that maybe we could take a drive to Warsaw but, if you are to busy I can go by myself.. So of course I went with him. :)

So today is my first day off with out husband in what feels like weeks and I am playing catch up but, It will be fine...I did enjoy the day yesterday.

The sun was shining....things are starting to green up nicely....things are blooming. The wind was horrible but I guess I can't have everything. We stopped at the visitors center, we have been there hundreds of times but we never tire of it. I did remember to take some photos..

A groundhog..... I think he lives in that tiny cave in the bluff.

I took this photo of the visitor center from the dam.

This is part of the dam...The white dots are pelicans. I could not get close enough to get a good photo but, there were quite a few swimming about. I took a few more photos but will post those later. Right now I have to get started playing catch up...Husband will be home again before I know it and he will be tired....

OK so here is the quilty stuff I need to do this next week.

1. I have three quilts to quilt.... None are big quilts and all are pantos.

2. I have to stitch my 2010 BOM block. It is due Saturday.

That is enough for now. I still need to piece the back for one quilt.

Last week I pieced the backings for two of the three quilts. I also took the OLD UFO off my design wall. I wanted to open the windows and it was blowing all over the place. LOL Can't loose any pieces of it now. LOL I won't be working on it for a bit either.

OK So I am off to try to make a dent in my things to do list.. Check out Bari's to see what every one else is up to.

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crossroadsquilts said...

Isn't spring wonderful?! The "critters" are coming out of the woodwork here also.

Your quilty things to do this week sure sound do-able! Glad hubby is able to go back to work and life to get back to some semblance of normal!