I only got two quilts quilted. Photos below.

I did my 2010 BOM and I have next months stitched so I am ahead. LOL I forgot to photograph them.

I did mow the grass and plant some tomato and pepper plants in pots on the deck. That should count for something.

Next week we will be puppy setting, Two 11 month old Boston Terriers. When daughter asked us to keep the dog there was only ONE. Then she acquired a second last Saturday. Sigh !!! 12 days 2 young dogs............I will not get much quilting done. My goal for next week to not loose the dogs, remember to feed and water them........and to remember that they are only temporary in my house.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilting! My kids would love the deer....

And of course, yes, planting tomatoes, garden work, and mowing the grass sure counts in my book! Guess what I have been doing? LOL