This week has flown by, I realised this morning that I did not have any new photos to share SO I ran out and took these. LOL My son gave me this for Mothers day some time ago, the blooms are almost as big as the plant. LOL I have no idea what king of plant it is ...I think it might be more of a bush or tree because it is woody. I lost half the plant in a ice storm some time ago so I am really pleased to see these blooms and they smell so good. Looks like I must trim the grass away from the plant. I am finding it difficult to get to every thing that needs doing. LOL

OK now to quilting stuff.. LOL did not really set any goals cause I knew I had to much to do. I did get a little done ( check earlier post ) It is not much but I am counting it. LOL I also got more backs ready and batting cut. I also did some purging of some stuff in storage. I finished a client quilt. I am going to load something of mine today, Not sure I will get to quilt it but loaded is better than not. Next weeks goals.....Well the rest of this month will be spent on samples and binding and such. So no real goals except to keep on doing. How is that for not setting a goal? Go to Bari to see how others are getting along.


Shelly said...

Oooh, I like that -- so non-committal . . . that way you'll do great! I need to try that . . .

Anonymous said...

I am so laughing at this...I didn't have any pictures to post either and had to run down to my sewing room to come up with something.

Isn't it just a busy time of year? I love your flower - have no idea what it is either.

Sounds like you have enough to keep you busy this month!