I know I am early but I am not going to get any more accomplished this week. Sigh. It is just to hat and I am not ready to turn on the air in my studio. Not for the short bursts of time I have in there right now. OK so last week I wanted to catch up on the bom that I was behind with. DONE.
The photo is not great but you can see they were both simple blocks. Which was a good thing.

Second I wanted to get this pieced. DONE. This is a challenge piece for my longarm group. I may not get it quilted in time but I will quilt it either way.

This is the label I pieced out of left overs from the piecing. I usually toss these pieces in the scrap bin but, decided to use them for the label this time.
The third thing I wanted to get done was to quilt that wall hanging. NOT DONE. In fact I have done very little on it. This piece is only 35 X 35 Not a big quilt but, it has quit talking to me.
I tried quilting some but did not like anything I quilted . So I ripped it all out. I stand and stare at it ...nothing. So I go do laundry. Sigh. LOL If this continues I will have to take it off the machine and do something else instead. I am stuck.
As for next week. I think I will keep starring at this wall hanging. LOL and I will work on that old ufo. That is it. I will have very little time for me this week, so that is enough.
Go check out Bari's to see what every one else is doing.

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Anonymous said...

I really like your BOM. I like the colors.

I also recognize your challenge quilt - I haven't quilted mine yet, but have been mentally "toying" with ideas.

It has really been too hot here this week to do much, especially semi-outdoors. I am fortunate my longarm is down in the basement! Kinda cold in the winter, but sure is nice now!