Weekly Report

I told you I would be checking up.LOL Every one is doing such a great job getting things finished. I kind of feel bad taking time off quilting. My local quilt guild it having a show ..Yesterday we hung the quilts.. Over 100 quilts, I do not have a final count but last I looked it was 101 and I saw a few more arrive after that. If you have never helped set up a quilt show....then you should at least once in your life. LOL I had a good time..I really did. I am guessing that take down will be interesting ...I guess I will find out. LOL The show is Saturday and Sunday. We will set up the vending booth tomorrow. Won't take us long to set up our booth..Mom and I are vending...also a first for me. Dad has made some wooden things and I just have my business info. I will be giving away a $ 50.00 gift certificate for machine quilting so come on by and enter.. LOL The only other thing I did was to survive Mother in law's reunion. I did have a good time...I really did.... I met a lot of people.

I have taken a few photos to share but I have not had time to load them so maybe next week.

Goals for next week...survive the show and load the photos. That is it.


Jean said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. We have the Omaha Guild show coming up the weekend of the 19th, so plan on going to that. I don't belong, just like to go to the show.

Anonymous said...

You have a busy weekend in front of you! I haven't yet done anything in the way of set up or take down of a show, because of kids, but they will be in school this year, so I am sure I will get my share of it at our guild show!