Last weeks goals
1. Stitch BOM / nope not done
2. Make more strips / nope Not sure I need to stitch many more. Need to count.
3. Photograph panto patterns and up date binder. / DONE.

That is all I did from my list. I did do some other things.

I set these blocks together for a charity quilt for my guild. The blocks were already pieced. Yes I need to fix the center block.. How did that happen. LOL

A client quilt....It is the cutest thing. I love it. Just fun to work on.

I also did some cleaning. I know a hateful job but it must be done now and again. LOL The tubs under my machine table hold fabric and one or two projects.

This old desk..Well I have had it so long I don't know how long, but I thought I was going to be forced to toss it. The center drawer broke and I could not open the other two half the time. This is one heave desk and I have no idea how we will ever get it out the door. Sigh !!! Did I mention how heavy it is? The good news is...I removed the broken drawer and now the other two work again. LOL Problem solved I do not have to bribe the boys to haul it off. It is ugly but it is heavy and makes a great work service. When it is not piled with stuff. LOL

Now this was a cheap computer desk that was just taking up space in the house...Have not used it in years. Got it moved to the studio. Fits perfectly. Works perfectly for me. I always have to much stuff piled on the heavy desk to use as a desk.
OK so for goals for next week. Well I have got to catch up on machine quilting, and piece my BOM because it is due soon. LOL That is it...and I know I won't get all caught up in one week.
Stop by Bari's to see what every one else is up to.

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Anonymous said...

Getting your panto binder done it a huge thing! I keep thinking I need to get one started, but I don't have many pantos so I just let it go. Problem is I should get it started NOW while I DON'T have many!

Your client quilt sure is cute!

I am also impressed with your organization effots! Wow you have gotten a lot done this week!

Way to go!