I managed to get a few thing accomplished that I can show. LOL
1. Piece for one hour..DONE
2. Order spare parts for machine. DONE
3. Registered quilts for the OPQG show in September. DONE

OK This is some of the strips that I have made up..The pattern I saw was like this with a stripe fabric between the rows. I started with this idea.

But I am not that crazy about it after I got this far. So I played a bit. I added some stripes...more strips less plain blocks. I like it better. Now to decide on which setting I like. I bought a striped fabric to use between the rows but..LOL I don't like it. Just does not work. So I can either look for a different fabric to set the rows together or just set them like the photo on the right. I am leaning towards the one on the right but you never know, if I see that perfect fabric it could change.LOL This project is just busy work. I don't need to think about it much...and will be a utility quilt probably twin size or so. We will see..

This is a quick photo of a client quilt. I do not usually photograph and post clients quilts but this one was special. It is the piercers first quilt and is just lovely.
I also took a little time last week to organise my machine quilting patterns. I take photos of my panto patterns and have them in a binder for people to look at as needed. Those dang things get messed up.. LOL I find them out of the binder all over the place. So I inventoried them, gave them numbers and numbered the master pattern. Put every thing back where it belongs. I found a few patterns that I did not have photos of so need to take care of that. I took most of my block patterns and put them in a portable file, not organised but put away. That was my week go on over to Bair's to see what others are up to.
Goals for next week. I have a full week so it will kind of be more of the same. I do client quilts on a first in first out basis and I do not keep them any longer than 30 days...two weeks if I can. So staying on top of that is always top priority. Having said that my other goals are....
1. Piece BOM so that it is ready and waiting.
2. More strips.
3. Photograph those patterns and get them in the binder.
I have got to get caught up...I just entered two quilts in the Springfield show and they are not finished. How is that for a goal? LOL Nothing like a deadline to get ya going. Hey I still have five or six weeks. Right?


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Anonymous said...

I really like your stripes quilt - especially the version on the right that you like also. Very cute and would make a wonderful utility quilt!

Thanks for the peek at your client's quilt also. Very nice piecing for a first quilt! I also LOVE the colors....I think I have several of those fabrics in my stash!

Keep it up!


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Okay, I can post when I am logged into Google/Picasa, but can't post as a Wordpress user. What is up with that?!

Oh well!

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Nice Blog!