Allergies are kicking our butt here.. Sniffle. Husband and I are both having problems with it this year. Husband usually is not bothered by allergies. Not so this year. Sniffle..Sniffle..

I had trouble sleeping last night so I am off to a slow start today. LOL Good thing I do not have to go to the day job today. LOL

This is supposed to become cinnamon rolls. We will see. LOL so far it is off to a good start. Last night when I could not sleep, I got to thinking ( which usually gets me into trouble LOL ) I got to thinking about cinnamon rolls. Still thinking about them when I got up.LOL

This is what I will be loading on my machine today. It is going to get a panto. I have several projects calling to me, but I really have to get this one going because I promised. LOL

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