This really should be A Day in The Life Report. I had one day this week to get things done. LOL

I have quite a list mostly non quilty things. OK so last year we found that we have drafts around our windows.. So we decided to put plastic on our windows. ( not very exciting ) I got eight windows done with two or three left to do.

Then I was setting watching a TV show stitching down binding when I heard a big POP and smelled burent something... Not good. I was also doing laundry so started there. Thankfully it was not the washer but.. The water softener had malifunctioned and was over flowing. Water was just starting to run into the kitchen. The popping sound and smell came from a outlet strip that was on the floor and water had gotten into it. So Thankful I was home and in the house, it was a great big mess but could have been so much worse.!!! With the electrical ..I don't even want to think about it. I am not sure why these things happen to me when I have so little time and when husband is away. Sigh But they do and, I am Thankful I was there.

I did get a few minuets to look at the Lion blocks, and well we have parted ways. LOL I do not have the patience to stitch those little mane strips. So they are burried in the bottom of a tub of stuff.

I got out the place mat fabric but could not remember how I cut them ( no pattern ) so I have to think about that. LOL OK so I will find the set that I did get finished and see how I did them.

I dug in the tub..( where I hid the Lion blocks ) to see if their was anything in there that I wanted to work on. Nope..Nothing. So I played a bit on the longarm.

The lady bugs..really some sort of Asian beetle I think. Any way they are trying to take over my work shop. So sometimes working there is kind of frustrating right now.. With them flying about..getting in your hair..dive bombing you. Sigh ! They smell and bite. Such a cute little bug to be so irritating. I got out a can of bug spray to help me out but Alas it was empty. All I had was spray starch. LOL I don't know if it killed them but I bet they were sticky..LOL kept them from flying for a bit. I finely just gave up and let them have my work shop.... For Now.

That is it...That is my Day in The life of..LOL Go to Bair's To see what others are doing.

Next week I have to finish the windows, cut the old dead Peony bushed down. Finish repairing every one's hunting cloths. Why didn't they give them to me after hunting season last year? And take my work shop back.


Lori said...

those pesky bugs. They are some sort of beetle that live in the soybeans, and now that the beans are harvested they are looking for a new home. Yeah--in a SNOWBANK is a good place.

Missouri? I get to Missouri once in a while. Norwood! Where are you???

Lori said...

okay--read better Lori!! Schell City! The cactus--I always thought they were that red/purple color. Until this one bloomed. I love the yellow. And the white. And I'm just glad I haven't killed it yet. It's the ONLY houseplant I've ever had that's lived.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Julianne, what a week! Aren't you so glad you were home? That could have been a major disaster!

I totally understand about burying the lions....I have a couple of projects like that - I just don't have the patience for them right now!

Hope this week goes better for you! BTW, I will wave at you up there in Schell City as we drive by on the way to Four Rivers a date with hubby and some ducks!