I decided to rethink my projects for the rest of the year. I have three projects left on the list, with the exception of the tops waiting for me to find backs for and find time on the longarm for them.

1. Lion Quilt
2. Two sets of place mats
3 Old ufo

Ok so do I really want to finish these? I do want to make the place mats. I am not ready to toss the old ufo. I have far to much time and money in it but I doubt that I will finish it this year. In fact I am sure I won't. The Lion quilt well I am just about ready to toss that one.

This is the lion quilt..or one block of it. These blocks are only 8X8. The lion blocks get set together with other blocks. The black strip is some bias chenille that is supposed to get stitched on the pencil lines, making a fuzzy mane. Much easier said than done. Take two stitches...stop needle down turn...take two stitches.. with out stitching down the edge of the last strip you stitched down..You get the idea! I am not finding this fun. I guess I should actually get one finished before I decide if I want to keep this project or not. This one may get tossed...we will see if my patience improves or not.

This is my sample of the fuzzed chenille. Looks like it would be cute for the lion mane.

I have been thinking.... Not every project is supposed to be finished. Sometimes it is the journey not the finished product that is important. I have some finishes for the year. I am happy with that. During the last few months I have learned that I have small amounts of time for personal projects... Can I change that? Do I want to? Something for me to think about. Soon the new year will be here, with new things to do.


Anonymous said...

My take on it is this - some things are not meant to be finished by us....I donated several unfinished blocks, that I would never do anything with, to my guild's boutique at our show. I don't have to worry with them, but someone else gets good use from them!

Worked out good both ways.

As for the rest of the year....I have been pondering that one also!


Alycia said...

I agree - you should be having fun!

Jean said...

Love the looks of the chenille for the mane, but definitely looks like a pain to sew. How many of those blocks were you going to make?
Are the lions appliqued onto the blocks already?
Could you cut out and applique a swirly type fabric instead for his mane and call it close?