Thanksgiving is just around the corner and Bari was wondering about unusual Thanksgiving traditions, and I got to thinking ( which usually gets me into trouble ) Any way I was thinking..

We always go to the same family members house for dinner. Nothing unusual really just dinner.

Then I remembered the time we all got to talking and forgot the ham in the oven, which kind of overflowed into the oven and set the oven on fire...filling the house with smoke we were running about opening windows and doors trying to clear the smoke. LOL The ham was still tasty but the house stunk. I remembered the time we forgot to cook the stuffing, and the time that almost every one brought the home made noodles.

You see we do not coordinate anything...we all bring a dish and it is great. We don't talk about it we just bring something and if all we have is noodles then we are good with it. LOL Not that that has ever happened, but if it did we would not care. I have only one sibling a sister and I am eight years older. So my youngest child is 26 and hers is 19. Just to give you a idea of the age difference. At some point when my kids were some where in the tween stage they did not want turkey dinner They wanted something else. So that is when we started letting the kids pick a dish for dinner. Anything they wanted but they had to prepare the dish. We had taco salad along with the traditional dinner for many years. I think that is all my kids cooked or frozen pizza. My niece always brings those tiny smoked sausages in BBQ sauce. We have had quite a variety of dishes over the years from the kids. Our cousin always cooks a egg in the shell in the broth for the gravy then dices the cooked egg into the gravy at the end. That is how her mother did it so that is how she does it. The memories...

Well this year will be different for us. Our daughter can not come home this year for either Thanksgiving or Christmas. Her and her husband live two hours away and her job is keeping them home this year. Sigh!!! So Husband and I will be spending Thanksgiving day at their house. Daughter is cooking a brine turkey, roasted carrots and parsnips, dressing, and mashed potatoes. I will be making home made rolls, noodles, and pumpkin cake. What a difference from the taco salad she started with many years ago. Son and his wife and son will be with her family.

We may be spending Thanksgiving in different places but in our hearts we will be together. The memories keep us close. We always call each other and pass the phone around the room sharing with those not present. Weather permitting we will all be together under the same roof the week before Christmas and the first week end in January. We have reached a time in our lives for change. A time for making new memories.

I am Thankful for so many things in my life..I could not even begin to list them all.

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Alycia said...

Great Memories! One year my aunt made a traditional Italian Thanksgiving dinner. We were stuffed!