We are not getting things done very fast here. LOL Getting things ready for winter and I usually do a nesting think this time of year.. You know cleaning out stuff. I have several bags of things packed up ready to get rid of in some way. Still trying to dig out the Christmas decorations. We have not used the decorations in a few years so they are buried and may not be any good any more.

This is one of the projects we started but the cold whether came in before we got to finish. I guess we should have started earlier. This is where I have my work shop / studio. Well half if my space and half is storage . The trailer is so old.. we talked about taking it out and building new but decided not to do that right now. That means it will have to have a little work done on it..We found a place to buy treated wood to use like siding and it is much cheaper than building new. Any way this is one of out projects .

This photo was taken a few months ago... but I love this photo This little guy is now walking every where and getting in to every thing. LOL Such fun. He is so much like his daddy. In fact we found a photo of Daddy at the same age....the only difference is this little guy's hair is lighter. LOL Being Grandma is great...

OK so I am making plans for next year. I had planned on doing a kind of photo journey of projects from start to finish, but my camera died. So until I find a replacement I like I guess I will be using my camera phone. It will work it just might not be great photos. I have got to play with that and get it figured out. LOL

I hope this post comes out OK..It is formatting funny. I don't know why or have time right now to check it out. LOL Go on over to Bari's to see what the others are doing.. I bet they are getting more accomplished than I am. LOL


Tamera said...

Sounds like you're getting ready to embark on some big projects.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I LOVE that photo of the little one! So cute with his tongue sticking out! LOL. Aren't they wonderful and they add so much to the holidays!

You do have some big projects in the works. But isn't that the way it always is? (Around here anyway! - Never enough time to finish them!)

Keep us posted on how things are going with the search for a new camera. Maybe one of the great Christmas or after-Christmas sales.....