Weekly Report.

Well I have nothing to report. Nothing!!!!!!!! I did do a little binding but so little that it barely counts. I have kind of taken the week off. Visiting with family and friends.

My personal quilting projects are stalled. Sigh... I either need something to finish ( backing ) the project, or I just don't want to work on the projects. Either way I am stalled. It is OK tho because I always get stalled on my personal projects this time of year. LOL

Goals for next week ..Pick something and get going again.

Go to Bari's to see what others are working on.


Tamera said...

Sometimes you just have to pick up something and get started, don't you.

Vivian said...

Like I commented on Bari's post, something (even a little binding) is still something.

And if you need a break, take it! I find this time of year induces a level of stress (all the planning, deadlines and not-for-us must do's) that zaps the will to work. Don't push yourself too hard, you'll get to it when you are ready.