This is what the blocks look like when finished. I think I have enough pieces for 75 8 X 8 blocks.
I should be able to do something with that. Several ways these blocks could be set together.

Just a close up. See with a little practice they match up OK. No they are not all perfect but most match well. If you remember to press your seams all in one direction. Then when you stitch the segments together just flip one around and the seams will nest together as you stitch.

Even if they don't match perfectly, the fabric is so busy that it is really hard to see that they are off a tiny bit. Unless you have your nose two inches away, and who would do that. LOL Remember this is going to be a utility quilt and not a show quilt. A stress free project. It is a good way to keep in practice with accurate cutting, accurate seams and piecing.

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