The kids are home and every one is sleeping except me.! So I decided to play about with a post. I took the photos a few days ago. Now to be honest it has taken soooo lonnnngggg for the photos to load that I am kind of sorry I started. I am re thinking how I may or if I even want to post process posts. Wayyyyy to long to do I know I will not always have this much time.

But I started so here goes..........

I set my machine to a scant 1/4 seam using this handy dandy tool.

I started with this stack of strips. WhenI first cut these strips I made two rules.

1. To see how many projects I could make from them and
2. Try not to stitch two like fabrics together.

I choose these fabrics because I was tired of looking at them. I love reproduction fabric and I will collect more I am sure but, fabric does no good just setting on a shelf or in a box or how ever I decided to store it. So it was time to cut it up and use it in something.

With the machine set just right and the strips all cut. You can just zip the fabric threw lickety split.
Two at a matching NO thinking. Just stitch.

If you get one like this. No worries...just toss to one side and keep on stitching. If you need it to finish at the end. Well you can just fix it then. If you find that you won't need this one then just toss it into the scrap bin. It will fit in some other project some other day. Now see how much time you just saved?
OK so now we are stitching two by two making four. Zipping right along for sure. If when you press you have something like this ...and you begin to be a bit dizzy! No worries.. just hide it quick in the pile you've stitched. Keep on stitching.

After you have all the strips stitched four in a row. I lay them in sets of five or so. Lining them all up straight as you go. Use the lines on the mat for the top and bottom and the seam line for each in between. If you are a perfectionist this will be hard. Try to remember this project is not about perfection. It is about using fabric and having a bit of thoughtless fun.

When you get them all lined up you will see the edges are not perfectly even. Trim them up and segment your strips. I am cutting 2 1/2 inch segments.

See they came out OK. Just keep going until you are out of sets.

These segments are not stitched but this is what they will look like stitched. Those sets that make you dizzy when you press. Well you will never find them now so no stress.

Have some no stress fun.


Jean said...

Looks like the scrappy blocks. Sometimes you just want to sew without worrying...great project for those days!

Shelly said...

"fabric does no good just setting on a shelf or in a box". Julianne!!!! You're just making waaaay too much sense!