Time to set some goals for next year.

I really don't have any UFO'S that I am concerned about finishing quick. Yes I have UFO"S I am just not ready to commit to working on them just yet. I am not stash busting. So no goals there.

I think I have decided that in 2011 I will share a bit more here on my blog. I am thinking I will share more about the process of how I do what I do and maybe why. My personal projects are often directed by my mood and or personality. I am not sure exactly how that is going to work just yet here on the blog. LOL I find that sometimes when things are in print they loose some of the personality. My main idea is to share my process. I have a few days of this year left. With plenty to do. LOL So we will see what happens next. Go on over to Bari's and check out what others are doing.


Tamera said...

I look forward to seeing more about the process of quilting. I'm thinking of talking more about the process in the New Year as well.

Vivian said...

With the waning days of 2010, I think we are all moving our eyes towards next year, I know I am.

Well like Rossi's "Process Pledge" from earlier this year, your readers can look forward to hearing about what it takes to "get you in the mood" which I find is often as interesting a journey as the actual quilt construction.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like next year will be interesting! Can't wait to see how your process works. Isn't it interesting that we all have different processes to our quilting and what inspires us?

Have a wonderful week!