I decided to share a day in the life of...Kind of post. I have the day off from the day job SO!

To start with I have a cold. This cold is kicking my butt. Has been hanging on far to long. Any way I slept in a bit this morning. Not sure if it was the antihistamine I took at bed time or just tired. I usually watch the news and have coffee but this morning I missed most of the news. I got a cup of coffee took it back to bed with me and finished watching what was left of the news. I really think I dozed through it but Hey this cold is keeping my energy level down. Right.

I finely got woke up enough to get dressed, find some breakfast. ( egg sandwich with dill pickle slices) Then I had to tidy up the house. Now I am not a neat freak but things have to be tidy or I can't function.That is just the way it is. I had some Christmas cards to do and I for some reason went through the cards. Matching cards to envelopes. I have a mix of cards and boxes and I wanted them to fit all in one box. So I matched them up and tossed the extra cards with no envelopes. How do I end up with so many extra cards any way? No.. I know how. Any way I am glad I did because I found this hidden in the cards.

A page of recipes I have been looking for, for years. How they got in with the Christmas cards I will never know but, I am glad to have them again. They are for making summer sausage, beef jerky, and salami. Yummy. Of course I have found other recipes to replace these with now. I am still happy to have found these again.

By this time I have had several cups of coffee and things are tidy enough. I have put a roast in the crock pot. Tossed some laundry in the washer and headed to The Other House. My work shop..My Lady Cave.. Well you get the idea. I am off !! I have on my sweat pants, my really old and sad looking but favorite sweat shirt and my wool hunting socks. I like to be shoe less and my feet get cold. I call this my housewife from hell look. HUMMMM!!!!!!

OK so I get the heat on and some music. Right now I have Miranda Lambert, Alision Krauss,Carrie Underwood, and Brule' ( American Indian Rock Opera ) As things are warming up I tidy up my space and just get ready for well ...something. Ok so I have these strips cut and I am stitching on them. I will post about them later in a different post. LOL

For now I will show how I set up my sewing machine for stitching the size seam allowance that I like. I like a scant 1/4 seam. Just what I like.

I am sure there are many ways to do this but this is what I do. I have this little tool. It has several sizes for seam allowances. With tiny holes for each.

You put the tool under the foot. Carefully put the needle through the hole to hold it where you want it. Place the piece of...moleskin or several post it notes or just cut a chunk of painters tape out of a roll and lay that along side the edge of the tool. Take the tool away and you have a nice little edge for your fabric to rest against as it goes through. It seems that I forgot to take a final photo but I am sure you get the idea. Right? You can see the piece of moleskin that I am using next to the edge of the tool. Looks like I need to replace the moleskin. I really prefer to use the chunk of painters tape, mostly because it does not leave sticky residue on my machine and the moleskin does. OK so I did some stitching and some cutting, but I am saving that for another post because I stopped for lunch and I know you are tired and bored by now. I have to decide on weather to take a nap and hope to kick this cold or cut some binding and stitch it on.

Maybe I can get both in today? We will see.

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