Last weeks goals were short and simple. Quilt two client quilts. I finished one, the second one is almost finished but not quite. Sigh. LOL I had forgotten that I had a nine day streach with the day job between days off. So life goes on. Next weeks goals.

1. Continue quilting on client quilts.....see how much I can accomplish on them. LOL

2. Post photos.

3. Transfer photos and such from the computer to disk. Got to save the good stuff ya know.

The basket that holds the cables to load from camera to computer is temporally misplaced. I moved things off the coffee table before the little guy arrived. :) Which is where I usually keep the basket. I did locate the basket but it is empty. LOL Which means I probably stashed the stuff some place else. Some place where I would not forget. LOL

With the decorations all put away and the leftovers all taken care of. Things should return to normal soon. Whatever normal is these days. Go on over to Bari's to see what others are doing.


Tamera said...

Dontcha just LOVE it when you put something somewhere "safe" that you just know you're not going to forget...and then you do?!?!?! he he he

That happens to me ALL the time!

Anonymous said...

That sounds so like me! I moved some stuff when we had folks over for New Year's and it took me two days to figure out where I put it! LOL

Keep after it...I am in the same boat on client quilts. Should have gotten a little more done. Oh well! There is always tomorrow.


Alycia said...

I love it when I put things in a great *new* location - and then can't remember where it is! Goold luck this week!